React ChartsAxes Overview

This section provides an overview of the different chart axes elements.

Chart Axes

Follow the links below to learn more about chart axes:

  • Axis Types: The horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) lines in cartesian charts are referred to as chart axes, and they serve to illustrate the relationships between data points on the graph.
  • Axis Intervals: Axis ticks are markers placed at regular intervals along each axis, and are also used to determine where and how often to show the axis labels and grid lines.
  • Axis Labels: Axis labels, positioned on the X and Y axes of a chart, supply context for the depicted data, making it easier for users to comprehend.
  • Grid Lines: Grid lines are the horizontal and vertical lines that divide a chart or graph into smaller sections, providing a visual reference for interpreting data.
  • Secondary Axis: Secondary axes are typically used to compare data sets with different scales, where extra y-axes are usually located on the opposite side of the chart.

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