React ChartsFinancial Charts - Overview


Build interactive financial charts featuring advanced annotations with minimal configuration.

Minimal Configuration

Financial Charts come pre-configured with built-in features - just add your data!

const [options, setOptions] = useState({
    data: getData(),

return (
    <AgFinancialCharts options={options} />

This snippet assumes the supplied data includes 'date', 'open', 'high', 'low', 'close' and 'volume' (optional) keys.

For more details see Financial Charts Configuration.

Chart Annotations

Add and manage Annotations like Trend Lines and Channels from the intuitive toolbar for enhanced data analysis.

Interactive Charts

Interactive analysis is enhanced with advanced Zoom capabilities and Range Buttons for seamless time period navigation.

Financial Chart types

The default chart type is Candlestick, with additional types like OHLC and Line for versatile data visualisation.