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AG Charts 9

What's New

See the release post for feature highlights of what's new in this major version.

Users of integrated charting on AG Grid, should refer to this migration guide when upgrading to AG Grid 31.

Breaking Changes

This release includes the following breaking changes:

Series Changes

  • sizeKey is removed from scatter series. Use bubble series instead.
  • treemap series has been removed. Use the new Enterprise treemap series instead.
  • column series has been removed. Use bar series.
  • bar series now gives a vertical representation by default. Use series[].direction = 'horizontal' for a horizontal representation.

Note: The bar and column changes do NOT affect any AG Grid APIs used for integrated charts. They do, however, affect theme overrides.


  • seriesAreaPadding has moved to seriesArea.padding.
  • axes[].groupPaddingInner now only adds padding between grouped items. To add padding between groups, use groupPaddingOuter.


  • axes[].gridStyle option moved to axes[]
  • axes[].tick.count - removed.


  • ag-pastel, ag-pastel-dark, ag-solar, ag-solar-dark themes are removed.
  • The root type field is removed from themes.
  • theme.overrides.{cartesian,polar,hierarchy} options are removed.


  • tooltip.tracking - removed.
  • The following are removed from AgPieSeriesLabelFormatterParams. These values can be obtained from the datum object in conjunction with angleKey.
    • calloutLabelValue
    • sectorLabelValue
    • angleValue
    • radiusValue.
  • AgCartesianChartOptions
    • type property is removed.
  • AgHierarchyChartOptions
    • type property is removed.
  • AgPolarChartOptions
    • type property is removed.

Behaviour Changes

This release includes the following default behaviour changes:

Themes Defaults

  • Themes have new default values for fills and strokes.
  • Axis line is hidden by default for Number Axes. Use axes[].line.enabled to show.
  • Axis ticks are not shown by default. Use axes[].tick.enabled to show.

Other Changes

  • The Pie Series remains centred within the container regardless of callout label size. Only the radius size changes when avoiding callout label collisions.
  • axes[].tick styles are no longer inherited by grid lines. Use axes[]


This release includes the following deprecations:

  • agCharts.AgChart - deprecated. Use agCharts.AgCharts.

Changes List

If you would like to see the full list of changes in this release, please see the Changelog.

Minor Versions

AG Charts 9.3

AG Charts 9.2

AG Charts 9.1