Vue ChartsUpgrade to AG Charts 10

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What's New

See the release post for feature highlights of what's new in this major version.

Users of integrated charting on AG Grid, should refer to this migration guide when upgrading to AG Grid 32.

Breaking Changes

This release includes the following breaking changes:

  • The AgChart entrypoint has been renamed to AgCharts.
  • Support for Vue 2 has been dropped as it has reached EOL. See the Vue project page for more details.

Series Changes

  • innerRadiusOffset, innerRadiusRatio, innerCircle, innerLabels are removed from pie series. Use donut series instead.
  • pie and donut series strokes are now rendered on the inside of each sector. Instead of using strokeWidth to add spacing between the sectors, use sectorSpacing.

Axes Changes

  • groupPaddingInner on category axis has no effect when series are not grouped. Use paddingInner instead.


  • legend.item.line.length is now the length of the entire legend item line, regardless of whether or not a marker is present.
  • AgGradientLegendOptions.stop has been removed, use scale instead.
  • AgContextMenuActionParams has been replaced by AgNodeContextMenuActionEvent.
  • AgNodeContextMenuActionEvent.itemId has been removed, use xKey, yKey, angleKey etc instead.
  • AgChartThemeOptionalPalette has been renamed and replaces AgChartThemePalette.
  • type property removed without replacement from
    • AgAngleCategoryAxisThemeOptions
    • AgAngleNumberAxisThemeOptions
    • AgRadiusCategoryAxisThemeOptions
    • AgRadiusNumberAxisThemeOptions.


  • The height of the chart container is no longer automatically set to 100%.
  • containerStyle is renamed to style.

Behaviour Changes

This release includes the following behaviour changes:

Theme Defaults

  • Gradient Legend values default to descending order when position is 'left' or 'right'. Use reverseOrder to change this.
  • pie and donut series strokes now default to palette colours.
  • pie and donut series strokeWidth now defaults to 0.

Other Changes

  • Wrapped and truncated text may display differently.
    • More precise text measurement allows display of more characters from longer labels to be displayed before wrapping or truncating.
    • Wrapping strategy is improved to give more balanced lines.
    • Manual line breaks are respected even if wrapping: 'never'.
    • When manual line breaks are provided, wrapping and truncation is applied to each line separately.


This release includes the following deprecations:

Changes List

If you would like to see the full list of changes in this release, please see the Changelog.