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Grid lines are the horizontal and vertical lines that divide a chart or graph into smaller sections, providing a visual reference for interpreting data.

Customising Grid Lines

Grid lines are shown by default and their display is controlled by the Axis Ticks.

Grid lines of each axis can be styled individually via the config. The config takes an array of objects with two properties:

  • stroke: colour string in hex, named, rgb, or rgba format.
  • lineDash: an array of numbers that specify distances to alternately draw a line and a gap. If the number of elements in the array is odd, the elements of the array get copied and concatenated. For example, [5, 15, 25] will become [5, 15, 25, 5, 15, 25]. If the array is empty, the grid lines will be solid without any dashes.

Each config object in the array is alternately applied to the grid lines of the axis. A sample configuration is shown below:

gridLine: {
    style: [
            stroke: 'gray',
            lineDash: [10, 5],
            stroke: 'lightgray',
            lineDash: [5, 5],

The following example demonstrates different grid line customisations:

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